Sibylle Marquardt

Flute Lessons and Performance

Trio d'Argento

Sibylle Marquardt, flute
Paul Pulford, cello
Todd Yaniw, piano

Argento Collective


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Baroque Ensemble with Angelika Hirsch/Basel - Switzerland, harpsichord

Sibylle Marquardt, traverso
& Angelika Hirsch, harpsichord

In this ensemble Sibylle Marquardt joins forces with Angelika Hirsch, one of the foremost harpsichord players in Switzerland. Almost 40 years ago Angelika and Sibylle started their musical lives in the Kinderchor of the Martin Luther Church in Ulm/Germany, directed by Albrecht Haupt, Angelika's father.

Some 4 years later they had their debut performance of J.S.Bach's C-major Sonata for flute and harpsichord. Competitions and many more concert appearances followed. As they moved from Ulm to Munich to pursuit their musical studies, they continued to perform regularly and both joined the M√ľnchner Bach Chor.

Their understanding and interpretation of the repertoire based on the foundation of years of being able to perform together make their concerts a rare pleasure to listen to.