February 27th: Concerts in Care at Melville Lodge with Jennifer King/Argento Collective

March 1st: J.S.Bach Magnificat at the Round Church with Garth McPhee https://www.facebook.com/events/191341495313014/

March 2nd: extended flute techniques and Barbara Croall’s work “Noodin” for Dalhousie University.

March 23rd: Concert in Care at Sagewood with Jennifer King/Argento Collective

April 5th: J.S.Bach St.John Passion with Paul Halley https://ukings.ca/events/st-john-passion/

April 18th: Trio d’Argento, Caledon Chamber Concerts http://caledonchamberconcerts.com/schedule/

April 23rd: Concerts in Care Shoreham Village with Jennifer King/Argento Collective

May 17th: Suddenly Listen, Tim Crofts Music for Quartet http://www.suddenlylisten.com/event-listing/tim-crofts/